Let's Work Smart

The Artificially Intelligent Find Engine That’s Bridging Businesses

What are we doing?

  • Find Engine gives companies access to our AI as a Service (AIaaS)
  • We use AI to create tailored solutions for problems connected to the growth of UK businesses.
  • We sift through disparate big data sources to provide companies with specific answers.

Why are we doing it?

  • Our mission is to see the business community grow.
  • Find Engine uses your data to achieve your goals.
  • Targeted AI components allow for quicker results.
  • Minimum cost and time on labelling big data.

How are we doing it?

  • Using open big data sources from a wide range of areas.
  • Correlating open data to produce insights.
  • Using insights to tailor results depending on organisational need.
  • Optimising automation, mining, matching and targeting.

The Find Engine