“Since signing up to the Launch platform, our business has been able to find opportunities for work we previously wouldn’t have had access to. The types and size of contracts now within our reach are exactly what we need to enable our business to grow. This has all been possible due to Launch and the find engine.”

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Carl Wills
CEO at Vox Securitas

The Launch International platform is a true game changer, using market leading AI capability it delivers deep insights that have relevance and high value to start ups and those seeking to help startups. At that most critical time for a start up you need rapid access to information and help that helps you progress. The Launch Platform saves you time and money, removing inhibitors to progressing your business model.  read more

Richard Voaden
Manager, IBM Alliances.

I’m really excited to see what the team at Launch International are achieving. They have developed a remarkable platform and the potential for their concept is huge. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need access to good quality information to help them start and/or to grow. Businesses of all shapes and sizes spend far too much on inefficient and expensive methods to try and find this info. Whether its expensive man hours searching the internet or outrageously expensive specialist consultants to provide the info, the Launch Platform automates all of this. This saves costs of course, but more critically it save time – and what business doesn’t want to get to its goals faster and more cheaply?
Technically the team are extremely capable, operating at the cutting edge of AI and machine learning technology. But more than that there is a sense of collective purpose, drive and shared passion that makes them a highly investable opportunity read more

Jim Wicks
Founder and MD - YouSeq

I have been very impressed by the Launch Platform, right from the start. As well as being very easy to sign up and intuitive to use, it is immediately apparent how powerful the search and find aspect of Launch is, helping me to find funding opportunities, potential suppliers and partners, consultants and business opportunities. It’s not at all necessary to understand the artificial intelligence behind the platform, just sign up and after a few clicks I am sure your business will benefit. I have no hesitation recommending Launch to any small to medium sized business. read more

Simon Harrop
Entrepreneur – Brand Sense