We transform data into intelligence

We offer bespoke, quick, efficient and comprehensive AI solutions using a combination of our technology and your data.

What are we doing

  • Using AI to create tailored solutions for problems connected to growth of UK businesses.
  • Sifting through disparate big data sources to provide specific answers.

Why are we doing it?

  • Working with your data to achieve your goals
  • Targeted AI components for quicker results
  • Minimum cost and time on labelling big data
  • Processing data in a variety of different formats

Our Process

  • Using open big data sources from a wide range of areas.
  • Correlating open data to produce insights.
  • Using insights to tailor results depending on your need.
  • Optimising automation.
  • Mining, matching and targeting.

Our Philosophy

  • Open data is abundantly available and under-used.
  • Artificial Intelligence offers solutions that businesses are unaware of.
  • Technology can reduce the overhead connected to accessing information.
  • Identifying and matching tailored key partners, opportunities and services will greatly accelerate business growth.

Why Launch?

  • AIaaS Platforms (Artificial Intelligence as a Service)
  • Natural Language Processing
    – Semantic Text Indexing and Search
    – Text Summarisation
    – Relationship Discovery and Extraction- Sentiment Analysis
  • Bespoke Data Analytics
  • Data Visualisation

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“Now is the time for us all – scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and the government – to come together and address the issues about how AI is going to impact society and seek ways to ensure that we’re able to deliver the great breakthroughs the technology has the potential to deliver.”

Professor Dame Wendy Hall DBE FRS FREng